The Lost Art Of Marketing Hooks

The Lost Art of Marketing Hooks ...And How One Good Hook Can Make Even The Lousiest Marketing Effective It’s Sunday night when my phone lights up with this text: Jay wants to ideate with me over the marketing for his new documentary. Somehow we got off topic and began talking about his legendary “Mr. X” [...]

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Address Objections In The First Few Minutes Of Your Webinar

If you’re doing webinars where you sell something at the end, typically, that’s when you also deal with buying objections. Having sold over $100,000,000 on webinars, I’ve found it much more effective to bring up objections in the first few minutes of a webinar. When creating your webinar, you should come up with a [...]

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6 Ways Consultants Can Charge More

As a consultant, you may think your compensation centers around your expertise. In fact, expertise is just one of the ways you create value. While you should strive to become a better expert, there are six often-neglected areas of consulting where a little focus can reap big rewards. Let’s dive in. Clarity What your [...]

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5 Secrets To Premium Pricing

Having sold over $100,000,000 worth of products, services, software and consulting, I’ve learned that one of the most effective business strategies is premium pricing. Why?   The higher your profit margin, the more you can invest to acquire and serve your customers. It’s more sustainable. Premium-priced products are the least affected during a recession. [...]

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