Meet Jason Fladlien

Jason has sold over $250 million worth of products to over 150,000 customers in 131 countries.

Based on his strategic initiatives, his company (Rapid Crush) holds the record for all time biggest launch in the Internet Marketing space ($57.9 million) as well as the record for most commissions generated as an affiliate in a product launch ($9.8 million in 8 days).

Jason is the only marketer Zoom brought in to teach its user base how to create high converting webinars.

The easiest way to sell: transform someone into your ideal customer, then put your product in front of them.

Wait – Jason was a monk!?

Yes. A rapping monk. It’s what got him into the business. When he couldn’t sell his records, he started studying marketing, and fell in love with creating information products that helped people solve problem.

Being a monk came in handy because Jason could use his ability to focus (cultivated from meditating for hours every day) to create content and learn techniques that would take him to the top of his industry in record time.

Product Creation Machine. Jason has created over 100 information products in the online business space, and is often on the cutting edge of what’s working in digital marketing.

International Speaker. Jason has spoken on stages all over the world, and has keynoted countless conferences and has shared the stages with billionaires and celebrities.

Best Selling Author. Jason’s book “One to Many” is the best selling book all time on the topic of pitch webinars. Many big name marketers have launch 8 figure businesses from this one book.

Master Strategist. One reason Jason’s marketing campaigns break records is how he positions the subject and content before one piece of marketing goes out the door.

Webinar King. Jason’s webinars have been studied by the smartest marketers, and top business experts pay Jason big bucks to help them craft their webinars.

Innovator. Many of digital marketings best practices followed today were first invented by Jason many years ago. The only constant is change, and Jason has changed every industry he’s entered.

“Before you offer the plan to heaven, provide the path out of hell. ”

Get The Quarter Billion Dollar Webinar One Sheet

Jason has distilled his webinar framework down into a single page that shows you exactly what to do in the beginning, middle and end of your webinar to create a killer presentation that is valuable to your audience and also converts like crazy.

Originally only shown to top businesses who paid $5,000 to learn webinars in person from Jason, this framework is now yours for free.