Jason Fladlien is known as the $100 million dollar webinar man. His pitch webinars have set records in the information, coaching, affiliate, and software space. Not only do many claim him the best webinar presenter out there, he is also considered the best teacher of webinars. He draws upon his eclectic background for inspiration, from being a Hare Krsna monk and a rapper born in raised in the small town of Muscatine, Iowa.

As such, people like Joe Polish describe him as “one of the top 5 living marketers on the planet.” Jason enjoys his role as Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Rapid Crush, Inc., a company who has pioneered many different digital marketing methods that are considered standard today.

Due to his unrelenting passion for achievement, Jason has risen to the top of several industries including selling physical products on Amazon, as well as digital products, software, and coaching.

By having so much success in many different areas of business, Jason is often called in by 7, 8 and even 9-figure companies to help them with their marketing.

Jason is happily married to his wife Molly and a devoted father to his three children: Abbie, Laney & Max.


Jason Fladlien got into business in perhaps the weirdest way imaginable. As a rapping monk. Seriously. Jason began writing and performing raps at 8 years old in the small town of Muscatine, Iowa.

Yet, he didn’t take things seriously until one the musicians he worked with shared with him his experience as a traveling Hare Krsna monk.

At the time, Jason was suffering from daily panic attacks and depression, which affected his ability to focus and get anything done. As a result, Jason was desperate to try anything, including chanting and following the spiritual practices of the Hare Krsnas – and it worked!

Not only did the depression and anxiety melt away, it was replaced with the focus and desire to do something on a grand scale. At age 22, Jason went all-in on music and produced his first album in his studio, which was his bedroom in the apartment he lived in with his father at the time. He poured every bit of money he had previously saved from working as a warehouse manager at a flooring store to purchase the recording equipment and press up his album.

Then it became time to play shows, tour, and sell product and merchandise. Easier said than done. With no money and only a dream, Jason failed to successfully market his music.

Not one to give up, he decided to educate himself on the music business, where he stumbled upon the concept of marketing music.
Up until this point, music was Jason’s favorite fascination. That changed when he was exposed to the deeper concepts of marketing. He fell in love with the idea of marketing, and not just marketing music. Just marketing. Especially digital marketing.

To say Jason has an obsessive personality in respect to learning would be an understatement. Jason became so enamored with marketing that he put everything else on pause – the music business and the spiritual practices of being a monk.

The first six months in business were hard for Jason. The challenge wasn’t on the technical side of things either. In fact, Jason first how to learn a computer in 1986 at the age of three. In 1997, at the age of 14 he taught himself how to right HTML on a computer he bought with the money he earned painting houses.

The only thing that made Jason any money in the first 6 months were some affiliate sales of a product called “Double Your Dating.” At the time article marketing was all the rage. Ezine articles was a the love child of Google, and if you wrote an article with the right keywords in it, you could easily get hundreds of even thousands of readers. From that article, you would write a byline at the end that could plug whatever website you wanted.

Jason would write article after article on dating tips, send people to a page where they can opt in for a free PDF report he wrote, and from that he would market Double Your Dating. This worked decently, but Jason wanted to make more money and sooner. Having written all these articles, Jason had developed a system for writing high quality articles quickly, even on topics he had little to no previous experience or knowledge in.

Enter the Warrior Forum. The year was 2007. At the time, the Warrior Forum was the biggest internet marketing forum online. Jason decided to offer his services as a ghost writer, since there was such a demand to get unique articles written at the time. For $3-$4, Jason would write you an article.

To market this newly created service, Jason would just post responses to different threads on the Warrior Forum, and in his forum signature he would link to his website.

With this guerilla style approach, Jason had three paying clients in the first 24 hours of putting his website online and posting on the message boards. For the next 6 months, Jason would write hundreds of articles on all kinds of different topics such as buckwheat pillows, plus size lingerie, tennis, and more.

It was the first good money he made online, but it was still trading time for dollars. While this was going on, there was also a relatively new feature in the Warrior Forum called Warrior Special Offers. For $20, you could post your sales letter on the message board and promote your own product as long as it was a better deal than what the public would pay for it.

Knowing this, Jason was motivated to create his first information product called “How to Write An Article In 7 Minutes or Less.” Having never created a product or writing a sales letter, he sold it for a whopping $4. Since this was a forum, people could share, in a response to the sales letter, their thoughts on the product.

The feedback was so overwhelming positive that sales started to pour in. Even with the low price of just $4, Jason made over $2,000 in the first week the product went live. He had also made about the same working 40 hours that week writing articles. The path forward was clear. Figure out a specific solution to a specific problem, sell it in a short report for a low price, and make money.

Jason went on a tear, creating and selling information product after information product over the next 12 months. Each product tended to sell better than the last because he had built a list of customers he could first market his products to.

One of the products that Jason made during this time was called “The Internet Marketer’s Guide to Time Management.” What was unique about this product was that Jason made the product in real time on a live webinar.

This was his first experience with using webinars in his business and would lay the groundwork to millions of dollars in sales just a few short years later.

Up until this point, the highest price point Jason had sold his products at was $47. Having just finished a product by using webinars, Jason had an idea for his first higher price point product. For every product Jason had created, he had to write a sales letter to go along with it.

In fact, one of his products that was most well received was he “3 Hour Ads” product on his copywriting system. Armed with this knowledge, Jason decided he would sell a live, group coaching version of this product called “The Copywriting Shortcut Success System” for $197. He would limit this to 20 people. Despite the horrid name, he sold out the training quickly and it was, at that point, the fastest he had ever made nearly $40,000… and he got paid before the product was created.

He delivered the product over a series of 12 webinars, one per week. One of those customers was Chad Casselman, who went on to co-found JVZoo, which Inc. Magazine ranked number 779 on its 35th annual Inc. 5000 list.

With the success of this group coaching program delivered over a series of webinars, Jason optimized this model which he would later call “eClasses”. This is where Jason would perform and perfect pitch webinars – by selling his eClasses.

Teaming up with another internet marketer at the time, they would go and launch several different eClasses between the $200-$500 price point.

The most successful for Jason was “Product eClass.” This is where Jason showed all his product creation techniques and methods.

The eClass model helped Jason make several hundred thousand dollars a year, but it was a grind. That’s when he decided to get into continuity programs to bring some stability to his cash flow, as well as to be able to focus more on optimizing marketing systems, as opposed to overly focusing on event-based marketing.

The first six figure month Jason ever had was primarily because of the continuity program he developed to teach all his internet marketing methods he knew up until that point. However, having only one employee, it became too much for Jason to manage the marketing, fulfillment and to deal with the administration of retention.

At this point, Jason had focused exclusively on creating and selling information products. More and more, he became interested in developing and selling software. He had conceptualized an idea for a product that would “clone” WordPress sites. Up until that point, the only solutions focused primarily on backing up WordPress blogs from a security perspective, with no focus on the marketing power that cloning could entail. This is an example of exploiting a marketing gap, which is one of Jason’s greatest strengths.

There was a problem though… Jason had neither the patience nor expertise to get such a tool developed. He was talking about how cool such a tool would be at an event he was speaking at when one of the other speakers, a gentleman named Wilson Mattos – came up to him and asked, “Do you think that would really sell?” Jason replied “I know it would sell.” Wilson then asked, “If I create it, will you sell it?” Jason agreed, thinking nothing would come of it

Three weeks later, Wilson emailed Jason informing him the software was done. They named it WP Twin, and it was the first software Jason pitched and sold on a webinar. This was around September of 2010. WP Twin would go on to sell millions of dollars over the years. It sold like hot cakes.

So much so that Wilson and Jason decided to merge their companies together, and on Jan. 1st, 2011, they formed Rapid Crush, Inc.

For the year and a half, they focused on creating and selling software. They created some of the first software for mobile websites, Facebook Fan Pages, Text Messaging, and QR codes. The massive success they found selling software put them in an interesting dilemma. Their audience now had a heightened demand for information products to augment the software they bought from Rapid Crush.

To serve this demand, Rapid Crush expanded their new product line for information products, which did well. However, what they found that did even better was affiliate marketing for other people’s products. In 2012 and 2013, Rapid Crush would be the number one affiliate in every promotion they entered.

Between the experience Jason gained from information products, software, webinars, and from being on the cutting-edge of business technology, it put his company in the prime position to create history with the single biggest affiliate product launch in internet marketing history. In 2013, a product named Amazing Selling Machine first debuted, teaching people how to sell private label physical products on Amazon.

Making a big bet that Amazon would be the future of eCommerce, Wilson and Jason went all-in on promoting and creating resources around selling on Amazon and Amazing Selling Machine. They were the #1 affiliate for the first 7 times ASM launched over a 4 year period – including ASM 5, where they generated nearly $10,000,000 in sales as an affiliate.

The money they made on the front end as an affiliate for ASM was great, but Jason applied his focus on optimizing the backend experience, where Rapid Crush generated even more income than they did from affiliate marketing on the front end.

Along the way, through selling his own info products, software, and from pitching affiliate products, Jason developed and mastered the art of selling via webinars.

Many people now call and consider him to be the best webinar presenter in the world, having sold over $100,000,000 using his webinar techniques.

That is where Jason puts a majority of his focus today – helping businesses understand and use webinars, and even having his company craft and create webinars for them.

Beyond business, Jason enjoys practicing Bikram Yoga with his wife Molly, who is a certified yoga instructor. He is a proud father of Abbie, Laney & Max as well as his two big German Shephards (Bryce & Kingston.)